“Whoever said high school was the best time of our lives definitely did not have OCD.”

Amy’s senior year of high school is not going as planned. When a tragic accident leaves her favorite aunt unconscious in the intensive care unit, all of her goals suddenly seem trivial.

In the days and weeks that follow the accident, irrational fears begin to flood Amy’s mind. Embarrassed, she keeps them to herself, lying to everyone - including her best friend Kat- to cover her strange behavior. Because how do you explain something you don’t understand yourself?   

When James, a boy with a contagious smile, starts spending time with her, she wishes she could just be herself again: a carefree artist with aspirations to get a scholarship to State. But as the unwelcomed thoughts escalate, Amy finds herself unsure of everything.

When Amy learns she has OCD, she begins a journey of self-discovery which will shape the rest of her life. It all starts with admitting something so simple but so difficult - the truth.