Totem - Coming 2014

Ellery feels she has done nothing exceptional in her life, other than being born on the same day as four of her classmates – and being born is hardly something one can brag about; after all, everyone has done it. Known to all of Oshshedin as the equinox baby boom, the teens have little else in common. On the eve of their 15th birthday they learn of an old Native American legend - the legend of the Oshedina tribe. Following the guidance of their history teacher, the teens begin to believe they may be the living embodiment of the legend; that they are a tribe of their own, each member with their own unique gift, and totem.  Finally understanding her uncanny ability to navigate, Ellery is determined to meet her animal spirit. Pushing beyond her doubts, Ellery leads the discovery of the passageway to the Other Side – a spirit world where the teens ultimately meet their totem animals. Unlikely alliances begin to form between the teens and for the first time in years Ellery feels like she is surrounded by real friends. The teens are blindsided when a large sand mining cooperative rolls into town intent on desecrating their landmark ridge and sacred Radley Spring. With only weeks until the mine goes before the village board and an undercurrent of corruption, the potential for loss is immense.

Totem reads as a contemporary coming of age story infused with enough fantasy, romance and drama to keep readers up past their bedtime.

Author's Note: Totem draws inspiration from Native American Spirit animals known as totems. While Oshedina is a fictional town it is representative of any number of Central Wisconsin towns that have recently become a hot commodity in the frac sand industry. Totem, the legend in Totem, and all the characters are fictional.

**While Totem has a planned Sequel - Summit, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. It does not end on a cliff-hanger.



Works in Progress:

Summit - A follow up to Totem - anticipated publication date will be late 2014.

Opal Colored Daisies - A stand alone coming of age novel dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder and a love of painting.