Goodreads Giveaway Time! / More than a Moment / Summer Reading

You've probably started making your summer reading list by now. If not, you still have plenty of time. If a paperback copy of More than a Moment would look at home on your bookshelf, simply click on the Goodreads giveaway link below to learn how to enter to win a paperback copy. These beauties are lined up on my shelf - ready to land on your summer reading pile. I'll be sending out three copies. One to each winner that Goodreads selects for me. The giveaway is open to readers in the US only.

Good luck!!

***Giveaway runs from 5/12/16 to 6/12/16***

Goodreads Book Giveaway

More than a Moment by Kristin Albright

More than a Moment

by Kristin Albright

Giveaway ends June 12, 2016.

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I ran out of episodes of Parenthood / March 2015 progress update

I really need to get better at juggling my workflow. Somehow I ended up with all three of my completed manuscripts out to beta readers and my editor at the same time.  This would have been perfect if I hadn't run out of Parenthood episodes to watch on Amazon prime, BUT somehow, the two coincided. While I wait for  my name to creep up the hold list at the local library, I'm taking some time to update a few things on my website and start on marketing materials for the new releases. I have preliminary designs for all the book covers and am working on the back cover blurbs.

I started off 2015 with too many completed (but not edited) projects on my computer and several new stories bouncing around in my head. I promised my husband that I'd get my finished books out before starting any others.  My plan is to release my  YA romance this summer followed by Totem and Summit in the Fall. Or perhaps I will do it in the other order. Either way, if things go according to plan, I'll have four novels out in the world by the end of the year and hopefully at least one new project in the works. I'm sure I'll finish watching the end of Parenthood too :)


NANOWRIMO, a November of Silence, and a teaser from my newest novel!

Hello Everyone!

How is it almost Christmas? I've already been feeling like life has been passing by in warp speed, but I think Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) made November go even quicker. The good news?  I wrote over 50k words in 25 days and have a brand new manuscript saved on my computer. I wrote with an outline for the first time and the experience was awesome. I felt like I was able to keep a good eye on the arch of the story without being constrained creatively. The book was really fun to write, and I hope will be equally fun to read.

I'm forcing myself to stay away from it for a little while, but as you can imagine this is hard. Instead I'm working with my beta readers on Totem and Summit. I still want to get those books polished and published next, and then I will pay more attention to my newest book baby. But just for being awesome readers, here is a little teaser from my Nanowrimo novel - which will be titled More than a Moment. It is a YA contemporary romance.