No...I didn't win the Bronze Medal in Synchronized Swimming

Audience selfie with hubby at Briar Street Theater before Blue Man Group! 

Audience selfie with hubby at Briar Street Theater before Blue Man Group! 

A couple of weeks ago I took my high school band on an overnight trip to Chicago. It was an awesome trip which I will write more about in the coming weeks. 

One of the trip's highlights was seeing a performance by The Blue Man Group. It was my first time seeing the production and I had no idea how much comedy was woven into the show. Before the show started  an LED scrolling prompter at the front of the room set the tone for the entire evening. It got the audience's attention and soon we were all reading the words aloud. The script informed the audience that a special guest was in attendance tonight. Then I was called out by name to stand up. Having no idea what was going on I stood up.

The audience "welcomed" me as a special guest who had won 3rd place in synchronized swimming in the Olympics. After being subtly roasted for my 3rd place win I was asked to demonstrate a move. I responded with plugging my nose, putting a hand above my head and "sinking" down to the floor while wiggling side to side. After much laughter, the script moved onto the next victim. What made the roast even more funny to me, was that I actually competed in synchronized swimming when I was in 3rd grade. (Go Menomonee Falls Dolphinettes!) So while I never made it to the Olympics at least they got the 3rd part right!

On the bus the next day, one of my students asked if I had really won the bronze medal in the Olympics...