Highlights of 2014 - camping, publishing, steam mopping and more!

This is more of a personal post, so if you're looking for book updates or writing info, this is not that post! Anyway, as we approach New Year's Eve I find myself thinking about the last year. Back when I was in school, each New Year's Eve, I used to write down all the things I did for the first time that particular year. I would draw pictures within the list and it would say things like "went to indoor state track and field competition" and "learned how to windsurf."  I am admittedly less cool as an adult. My 2014 list would have things like "started a half-hearted twitter account" and "used a steam mop for the first time." Hahahahaha! Oh and the accompanying drawings would just be sad. But in all seriousness, 2014 was a great year! I could have also added "tried hoop dancing" and "published a book" (after all, both of those are much cooler than steam mops and twitter). Here are 14 highlights of 2014. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Camping trip to Wyalusing State Park with my in-laws. Of particular greatness were the hike to Big Sand Cave, and canoeing on the Mississippi.

2) Publishing my first book - OC Me.

3) Getting into a good fitness routine (for about 7 months) - Goal for 2015 is to keep up the routine every month.

4) Upgrading my car (now I have a 10 year old car instead of a 12 year old car)  I just wish I hadn't hit the deer - because really, the "new" car could have waited.

5) Bonding with a great group of ladies (Hi Gems!) while being on the street team for one of my favorite authors.

6) Finally riding the Elroy Sparta trail! The train tunnels were so cool!

7) Beginning the homeschool journey with my daughter. She is creative and stubborn just like her mother, but we are having a good time. (FYI I am not anti public school - I used to teach in one)

8) Finally completing a fast draft (2014 Nanowrimo). I can't wait to start editing and publish the project that I created during that month!

9) Trying out hoop dancing! And seriously it is fun - I need a smaller hoop though - I ordered based on a chart online and it is huge!

10) My husband and I own a photography studio. We re-located our home/photography business in 2013 so this was our first full season back at it. We really enjoyed the wedding season this year and hope to meet even more seniors next year for their graduation photos.

11) I followed a much stricter diet this year and only had 2 migraines all year - which is amazing after 17 years of migraines. 

12) We went on an awesome camping trip with my best friend and her boyfriend on the shores of Lake Michigan. I could see him being "the one" for her - we'll see :D

13)  Watching my daughter's face as she opened her ukulele at Christmas and then learning the instrument alongside her. (Super fun for a former music teacher).

and finally....

14) Purchased my first steam mop. Because yes, they really are that cool.  

I hope all of you are in for an awesome 2015. I am hopeful that Totem, Summit, and My Heart will all be released in 2015 and that I will write a draft for the current story that is beginning to wander around in my head. Be safe and enjoy your New Year's festivities!!