Recognizing the "lasts" in life

My first kiss, first date, first fight with a best friend fight, first major loss...those memories, those "firsts," conjure up lots of different emotions when I think about them. I have journals full of my sloppily written accounts of those firsts.  I also have baby books full of my children's firsts: their first words, their first steps, their first tantrums :)

Recently, I was encouraged by a fellow blogger to take time to recognize the "lasts" in life. I think the hard part of doing that, is that you don't always know when they are coming; sometimes they are so subtle that you miss them altogether. I experienced an unplanned "last" today - my youngest graduated to a "big chair" at the table. With no plans for it, I don't have a photo of my son's last meal in his cute little chair that clamped onto our dining room table. Likewise, I don't have journals full of cataloged lasts.  Maybe it's because along with the lasts come new firsts - like my son's first meal in a "big chair." I think it is human nature that lasts tend to be forgotten as we continue to celebrate new firsts, but without one we wouldn't have the other. What about you? Do you have any recent "lasts"?