I'm back at work and my students love to read!

This past fall I went back to teaching after being out of the field for eight years. It was a jolt to my daily routine, but I am enjoying it so much. If you don't like reading about people who love their job just close this now. There is something magical about teaching music to high school students. On a daily basis I get to work with students who...

1) Want to be in my class. (I love that no one "has" to take my class. They are all there by their own choice and that is a wonderful thing).

2) Are bright, motivated, unique and creative. (I seriously get to work with some of the nicest kids in the school!)

3) Work as part of a team. Every day we work together to shape and refine and create music. Every now and then it works so well that I get goosebumps.

4) Grow. Their musicianship and their personhood is so dynamic at this age.

5) Read. 


Yes, they read. I LOVE that they read. I have students who can hardly put down their books (yes paper books!) Being an avid YA reader as allowed me to have all kinds of great conversations with the kids. This semester alone I saw one student with Jennifer Brown's Hate List (one of my all time favorites), and another student with My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick (another book I read and enjoyed). I am constantly asking them about what they are reading but have yet to hand them one of my books. Who knows, maybe I'll get brave soon.

I guess today's post is just about happiness. In celebration of finding a job that I love. About working with students who are not only interesting and musical but readers as well. 

The photo in this post is from homecoming week back in October. The theme was "Guess who?" This was the day I became famous ;)