I ran out of episodes of Parenthood / March 2015 progress update

I really need to get better at juggling my workflow. Somehow I ended up with all three of my completed manuscripts out to beta readers and my editor at the same time.  This would have been perfect if I hadn't run out of Parenthood episodes to watch on Amazon prime, BUT somehow, the two coincided. While I wait for  my name to creep up the hold list at the local library, I'm taking some time to update a few things on my website and start on marketing materials for the new releases. I have preliminary designs for all the book covers and am working on the back cover blurbs.

I started off 2015 with too many completed (but not edited) projects on my computer and several new stories bouncing around in my head. I promised my husband that I'd get my finished books out before starting any others.  My plan is to release my  YA romance this summer followed by Totem and Summit in the Fall. Or perhaps I will do it in the other order. Either way, if things go according to plan, I'll have four novels out in the world by the end of the year and hopefully at least one new project in the works. I'm sure I'll finish watching the end of Parenthood too :)


Discovering the awesomeness of Google Documents and Track Changes

Maybe I'm a bit behind the technological curve, but I am very excited to be trying out google documents with track changes for one of my current WIP's.  The editing phase of Totem was tolerable, but very time consuming. My beta readers would make changes to my word documents, highlight the change, and send them back to me when they had finished the whole book. Then I would click through three to six different versions of changes trying to remember which commas I had already added, and trying to keep strait which document I had open. If I had been working with just one person at a time, and if we would have had the same version of Word it probably would have been easier. I did try track changes with one reader, but our versions of Word were different (mine is not current) and her comments would show up nowhere near where she intended them to be. So she went back to highlighting the text whenever she made a change.

Anyway, my husband watched over the course of months as I painstakingly typed in all of the edits. He had recently purchased a Chromebook for himself and asked me to try it out as he thought one would make a good replacement for my netbook which is nearing the end of its natural life.

My thoughts on the google doc track changes so far? It's pretty cool! I like that I can "accept" or "decline" an edit at the click of a button and in real time. That means me and my editor can be working on the same document simultaneously and our changes are showing up on each other's screens. Another perk is that I can allow multiple people to be working on the same document - each person can pick a color for their changes to be highlighted in and away we go again, all at once! It's like a party minus the music and snacks. My editor has recently relocated to the UK, so that adds an additional level of "whoa" to the equation for me. 

I have to say that (so far) this is a massive upgrade from the first time I edited this manuscript. Way back in 2010, I had my readers edit printed versions of the manuscript. Ouch! Here's to saving time, money, trees, and frustration. I'm sure I will find things about google docs that are imperfect, but for now I will celebrate and enjoy and edit.

Is anyone else in love with google docs?!? Let me know if there is anything I should know!