Perfect afternoon for a "special day"

I was born in the early 80's. I was lucky enough to have 3 sisters and a stay at home mom. The five us created a lot of memories during our days together. My dad worked full-time, but devoted his nights and weekends to the family. Growing up it was rare to get one-on-one time with either parent, but my dad came up with a tradition that ensured at least one awesome bonding day each year.

Every summer my dad would plan what he called "Special Day." I'm not sure if they were on Saturdays, or if he took a day off of work, but what I do know is that we looked forward to these days with great anticipation. It wasn't often that we found ourselves sitting in the front seat in Dad's car with no one else clamoring for his attention. 

Over the years traditions developed. I usually opted for a trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum and lunch at Chi Chi's (The only Mexican restaurant I was familiar with). My sisters often chose mini golf and ice cream. What we all remember is a day with Dad where we were the center of his attention.

Yesterday morning I was teaching a ukulele lesson and the phone rang. My Dad invited me out for an outing. It wasn't a planned "special day" and perhaps that made it all the more perfect. I buckled the kids into their car seats and picked up my dad. Just like old times we went and had lunch. It was a perfect afternoon - a special day with a new generation. After lunch we walked along the Little Wolf river. The trails were muddy, the trees were bare, and little voices rang out everywhere.

A new generation goes out for a "Special Day."   

A new generation goes out for a "Special Day."