It's my debut novel's book birthday!!! / OC Me - a young adult fiction novel

Just after breakfast this morning I experienced the surreal moment of seeing my book on Amazon for the first time. I decided not to do a big launch for OC Me because I had no idea how long things would take. I'm not a gal who likes to over-promise anything. This past week has been a whirlwind of communication with my formatter (Polgarus Studio), the US copyright office, and Amazon. I've read more small print than I ever wanted to, but it's finally done. I'm an author! Yay :)  
As of now, OC Me is just available as an ebook on  My formatter is hard at work designing the print version of the book and the files for other ebook platforms. I will update when it is available on ibooks, nook and print. 

Thanks for following along in my writing journey. I hope you enjoy OC Me.