NANOWRIMO, a November of Silence, and a teaser from my newest novel!

Hello Everyone!

How is it almost Christmas? I've already been feeling like life has been passing by in warp speed, but I think Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) made November go even quicker. The good news?  I wrote over 50k words in 25 days and have a brand new manuscript saved on my computer. I wrote with an outline for the first time and the experience was awesome. I felt like I was able to keep a good eye on the arch of the story without being constrained creatively. The book was really fun to write, and I hope will be equally fun to read.

I'm forcing myself to stay away from it for a little while, but as you can imagine this is hard. Instead I'm working with my beta readers on Totem and Summit. I still want to get those books polished and published next, and then I will pay more attention to my newest book baby. But just for being awesome readers, here is a little teaser from my Nanowrimo novel - which will be titled More than a Moment. It is a YA contemporary romance.